About EasyHouse

Easy housing experience

EasyHouse is a Kenyan-born tech company with a vision to make renting easy for everyone. Our primary focus is on the African continent, specifically, the student accomodation space. We provide online hostel/rental search and booking as well as rent collection, book-keeping and collaboration through our online platform.

Linking students to favorable accomodation options

Giving hostels an online presence to be discovered easily by their target market

Enabling students to reserve accommodation conveniently

Online room booking for hostels which enables prior planning

Online tenant and property records accessible anywhere anytime

Secure online rent collection with easy transfer to other accounts

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Our Vision, Our Passion

At EasyHouse, we understand that convenient access to accomodation is important to campus students across Africa. We are passionate about making this possible as part of our long-term goal to making their campus experience better

Campus is your home away from home. We are here to help you find and book and pay for the right place to stay

We maintain a keen focus on ensuring that we link students with secure, verified options they can count on

Eveb beyond housing, we keep innovating and developing new solutions to give you the best campus experience



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